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April 2020
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Juleps 2

Megan, 2 coats.

There is something about turquoise that I just hate. This is ok, I guess, though – kind of a dull turquoise.

Malin, 3 coats.


Leah, 3 coats.

Gorgeous! I love the blue shimmer in this one!

Hayden, 3 coats.

This is […]

Sinful Colors Adventure Island collection (mostly)

OK, if these are actually anything like the OPI Pirates collection, then I might just have to buy them. I LOVE all of these polishes, they’re such pretty colors, and so opaque, ad they apply really nicely. I have the mini pack of the OPI collection, I should compare the pink and purple ones […]

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals!

Before I get to the swatches, I just have to note that in the few weeks since I’ve done any real swatching, I seem to have…forgotten how to swatch. I’m a little ashamed of these pictures. I’m not even sure why my index and pinky fingers look diseased, either – they look fine IRL! […]

China Glaze - Shower Together

I’m having some issues lately, my car died and so I’m staying with TCB. So, I have a few posts in drafts, but mostly I’m without my stash/camera/lightbox, etc. So, there’ll be a hiatus!

I’m so surprised at how much I like this polish – I normally hate this color family with a passion. […]

Essence - Caribbean Sea

I’m so lazy about my blog lately! It’s cause I’m playing WoW again. Apparently I can only have one obsession at a time. I’ve still been changing my polish ridiculously often and taking pics though!

I got this polish in one of my first swaps, and I’m soooo happy with it! I feel so […]