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July 2020
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China Glaze – Dress Me Up

So I don’t dislike this polish because it’s kind of grandmotherly. I like grandmotherly, usually – I like mauve-y pinks. Nope, I dislike this polish because it’s too brown and too boring and the color is too close to my skintone. 2 coats.

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OPI – Where’s My Bikini Top

Wearing this polish kicked off like 2 weeks straight of absolutely loving every polish I put on my nails. I found this at Ulta on clearance, and I have no idea what collection it’s even from because OPI is one of the few brands that I don’t pay much attention to, but it is […]

Orly – Decades of Dysfunction

This looked so pretty when Jen wore it. On me it looks like I’ve been out digging potatoes all day. 3 coats.


On the meta side of things, I just installed a “similar posts” widget, so if anyone experiences any problems with that, don’t hesitate to let me know! […]

Sally Hansen – Fairy Teal

I got this on clearance, iirc. I tend to pick up any of the polishes from this line when I see them clearanced, but I hardly ever buy them otherwise – they’re really great polishes that apply wonderfully, but…well, I’m cheap and they’re a bit too expensive in my opinion. Perfect application as usual. […]

Crackle Shatter (?) green

I got this polish at a dirty little beauty supply near me. It’s filled with rows upon rows of Sations and such, with a bunch of random weird brands and some super old Color Clubs. Anyway, there’s now a big section of crackle polishes from assorted brands, and this was one of them. I’m […]