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July 2020
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Neon Crackle

I’ve seen this manicure on tons of blogs and I’ve been itching to try it for months. Actually there’s hundreds of designs I see that I can’t wait to try and am way too lazy for, but this one’s been hitting me over the head lately and it didn’t require much effort, so here […]

red-tipped french

Just a simple french manicure I did using China Glaze Innocence and Ruby Pumps. I really liked it! The sparkliness didn’t really translate in my picture, but I enjoyed having just the tips blingy. Ruby Pumps is always my go to glitter whenever I do anything like this because it adds so much sparkle […]

Fourth Of July Nails

This is embarrassingly late, as all of my holiday manicures seem to be. I always have tons of ideas in the weeks before the event, and then…I let them laguish on my memory cardfor a week before posting them, it is ridiculous!

The blue is OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, the red is Color […]

Fancy nails!

I have a ton of pearls and rhinstones so I tried to do a classy look here. The base is OPI Black Onyx, which is kind of an awesome 2-coat creme with a hint of jellyishness.

Unfortunately, there didn’t end up being very much contrast between the pearls and […]

Blue Plaid Nails

I took this idea directly and entirely from a nail idea book that I have.

This is so lame to say, but this is just so much cuter in person! There’s much more contrast between the dark blue and the light blue, than I could get to show in […]