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January 2020
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Blue Plaid Nails

I took this idea directly and entirely from a nail idea book that I have.

This is so lame to say, but this is just so much cuter in person! There’s much more contrast between the dark blue and the light blue, than I could get to show in […]

China Glaze - Tree Hugger

Sigh. I can’t remember much about this polish other than that I really loved it. Um. It’s shimmery. And from the pictures I can tell that it’s an awesome bright green!

As if it wasn’t already pretty enough, I decided to dress it up! The gold tips are Art […]

Christmas Manicure 2 - Misc. Designs

Wow, I haven’t done nail art in forever, and I’m rusty. I got some new stuff to work with, though, all of which I LOOOOOVE. First, acrylic paints are soooooo much easier to paint with than random polishes. I got this set at Transdesign a while ago, and it’s pretty awesome. The paint is […]

Blatant Ripoff Santa Nail Art

Occasionally I see fabulous nail art on other blogs. And I either think “DAMN, I was planning mistletoe Christmas nails, now I can’t post them because it’ll look like I ripped off the idea WHY AM I SO LAZY!” OR “OMG that is awesome, I wish I had thought of it first, but of […]

bumblebee manicure

Ehhhh, I’m gonna go ahead and call this one a fail. I need more practice at making my stripes staight and even. I used Barielle Lemondrops & black Stripe Rite polish. I did sort of a half moon first, then stripes down the rest of the […]