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August 2020
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name collection year season
108 Degrees Island Escape 2011 Summer
2NITE OMG 2008 Spring
3D Fantasy Tronica 2011
5 Golden Rings Loves You Snow Much 2009 Christmas
Adventure Red-y On Safari 2012
Agro Colours from the Capital 2012
Ahoy! Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
An Affair To Remember Visions Of Grandeur pre-2007
Angel Wings Holiday Joy 2012
Aquadelic Electropop 2012
Atlantis Specialty Colors 2009
Attraction Magnetix 2012
Aurora Borealis unnamed outer space glitters

Awakening Pure Platinum 2000
Bad Landing [unnamed skydiving collection] pre-2000
Bali Bliss (polish) Bali Bliss 2002 Spring/Summer
Barefoot In The Park Babes In Toeland 1 2000 Summer
Be Merry, Be Bright Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Beach Cruise-r Summer Neons 2012
Bells Will Be Blinging Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Below Deck Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Bizarre Blurple Wicked 2012
Black Mesh Crackle Glaze 2011
Bling It On Glimmers 2012
Blk-Bila-Bong Surf 2007 Summer
Blonde Bombshell Eye Candy 3D Glitters 2011 Winter
Blue Bells Ring Holiday Joy 2012
Blue Iguana Island Escape 2011 Summer
Blue Island Iced Tea Bahama Blues 2008 Winter
Blue Paradise Bahama Blues 2008 Winter
Blue Sparrow Ink 2008 Summer
Blue W/O U Bali Bliss 2002 Spring/Summer
Blue Year’s Eve Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Bogie Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Bond-Tastic Magnetix II 2012
Broken Hearted Crackle Glaze 2011
Brownstone Metro 2011 Fall
Budding Romance Avant Garden 2013
Bump & Grind Texture 2013
C-C-Courage (2009) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (new) 2009 Winter
C-C-Courage (original) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (original) 2001
Call of the Wild On Safari 2012
Caribbean Blue Bahama Blues 2008 Winter
Cast a Spell Wicked 2012
Cat’s Eye none pre-2000
Celtic Sun Ink 2008 Summer
CG In The City Metro 2011 Fall
Cha Cha Cha Island Escape 2011 Summer
Champagne Bubbles Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Channelesque Creme Couture ?
Cheers To You Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Cherry Pie Summer Days 2009 Summer
Chocodisiac Guilty Pleasures 2006 Fall
City Siren Metro 2011 Fall
Classic Camel Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Cleopatra Specialty Colors 2009
Cling On Magnetix 2012
Cloud Burst China Rain 2001 Spring/Summer
Coconut Kiss Fiji Fling 2006 Spring/Summer
Con-Fused? Magnetix II 2012
Concrete Catwalk Metro 2011 Fall
Coral Star none pre-2000
Cosmic Dust Hologlam 2013
Cowardly Lyin’ (2009) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (new) 2009 Winter
Cracked Concrete Crackle Glaze 2011
Cracked Medallion Crackle Glaze Metals 2011
Cranberry Splash Holiday Joy 2012
Cross Iron 360 Ski 2007 Winter
Crushed Candy Crackle Glaze 2011
Crystal Chandelier Visions Of Grandeur pre-2007
Cyberspace Tronica 2011
Delight Romantique 2009 Spring
Desert Sun On Safari 2012
Designer Satin Immaterial Gurl 2008
Deviantly Daring New Bohemian 2012
Digital Dawn Tronica 2011
Don’t Be A Square Kaleidoscope 2006
Dorothy Who? (2009) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (new) 2009 Winter
Drawn To You Magnetix 2012
Dreamsicle Specialty Colors 2009
Dress Me Up Colours from the Capital 2012
Duplicity Tranzitions 2012
Electra Magnenta Tronica 2011
Electric Beat Electropop 2012
Electric Pineapple Island Escape 2011 Summer
Electrify Colours from the Capital 2012
Elephant Walk On Safari 2012
Emerald Sparkle Sleigh Ride 2008 Christmas
Emotion Romantique 2009 Spring
Endurance Fight Like A Woman 2010 BCA
Exotic Encounters On Safari 2012
Fairy Dust Fashion Fairy 2004
Fancy Pants Avant Garden 2013
Fast Track Colours from the Capital 2012
Fault Line Crackle Glaze 2011
Fifth Avenue Creme Couture ?
Fireside Glow Ulta Holiday Exclusives 2011 2011
First Class Monte Carlo 2004 Spring/Summer
First Mate Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Flying Dragon Ink 2008 Summer
Foie Gras Colours from the Capital 2012
For Audrey
Fortune Teller [[Sally’s for Halloween]] 2009 Halloween
Four Leaf Clover Up & Away 2010 Spring
Full Spectrum Prismatic Chroma Glitters 2012
FYI OMG 2008 Spring
Gaga For Green Electropop 2012
Galactic Gray Hologlam 2013
Gamer Glam Tronica 2011
Get Carried Away Cirque DuSoleil Worlds Away 3D 2012
Get Charged Magnetix II 2012
Get Outta My Space Hologlam 2013
Glam-More Crackle Glitter 2012
Gleam Me Up Crackle Glitter 2012
Glistening Snow Holiday Joy 2012
Glitter Goblin Wicked 2012
Glittering Garland Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Glitz n’ Pieces Glimmers 2012
Go Crazy Red none pre-2000
Goin’ My Way? Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Gold Fusion Magnetix II 2012
Golden Enchantment Fashion Fairy 2004
Good Witch? (2009) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (new) 2009 Winter
Gothic Lolita Electropop 2012
Graffiti Glitter Glimmers 2012
Grape Juice Summer Days 2009 Summer
Groovy Green Patent Leather II 2004
Hang-Ten Toes Summer Neons 2012
Harvest Moon Colours from the Capital 2012
Haute Metal Crackle Glaze Metals 2011
Have To Have It Creme Couture ?
He’s Going In Circles Kaleidoscope 2006
Hey Doll Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Hey Sailor Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
High Def Tronica 2011
Holly-Day Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Hologram Tronica 2011
Hook And Line Colours from the Capital 2012
Hyper Haute Tronica 2011
I’m With The Lifeguard Summer Neons 2012
Icicle Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Ick-A-Bod-Y Awakening 2010 Halloween
Immortal Wicked 2012
In Awe Of Amber We Adorn You 2006 Fall/Winter
In The Rough Texture 2013
Infra-Red Hologlam 2013
Ingrid Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Innocence Creme Couture ?
Instant Chemistry Magnetix 2012
It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Tequila Toes 2006 Summer
It’s a Trap-eze Cirque DuSoleil Worlds Away 3D 2012
It’s My Turn Kaleidoscope 2006
Itty, Bitty, & Gritty Texture 2013
Jade-d Crackle Glitter 2012
Japanese Koi Ink 2008 Summer
Jetstream none pre-2000
Jitterbug Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Jolly Holly Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Jumpin’ Jupiter unnamed outer space glitters

Jungle Queen On Safari 2012
Just Be-Claws Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Kalahari Kiss On Safari 2012
Kaleidoscope Him Out Kaleidoscope 2006
Keep Calm, Paint On Avant Garden 2013
Knotty Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
L8R G8R OMG 2008 Spring
Laser Lime Tronica 2011
Latticed Lilac Crackle Glaze Metals 2011
Lemon Fizz Up & Away 2010 Spring
Life Is Rosy Avant Garden 2013
Life Preserver Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Light As Air Up & Away 2010 Spring
Light Mist China Rain 2001 Spring/Summer
Lighthouse Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Lightning Bolt Crackle Glaze 2011
Liquid Crystal Prismatic Chroma Glitters 2012
Little Drummer Boy Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Loft-y Ambitions Metro 2011 Fall
Lorelei’s Tiara Eye Candy 3D Glitters 2011 Winter
Love Marilyn Eye Candy 3D Glitters 2011 Winter
Love’s A Beach Summer Neons 2012
Lubu Heels

Luxe And Lush Colours from the Capital 2012
Make a Spectacle Wicked 2012
Man Hunt On Safari 2012
Marry A Millionaire Eye Candy 3D Glitters 2011 Winter
Martini Lunch Martini Pedicure 2005 Summer
Martini Pedicure Martini Pedicure 2005 Summer
Masai Red African Safari 2001 Fall/Winter
Material Girl Eye Candy 3D Glitters 2011 Winter
Mega Bite Tronica 2011
Merry Berry Holiday Joy 2012
Metallic Metamorphosis Tranzitions 2012
Midnight Kiss Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Midnight Mission Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Midtown Magic Metro 2011 Fall
Millennium Khrome 2009 Fall/Winter
Mingle With Kringle Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Mistletoe Kisses Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Mistletoe Me! Ulta Holiday Exclusives 2011 2011
Modify Me Tranzitions 2012
Moon Over Miami unnamed outer space glitters

Moonlight Blush 2007
Moonpool none pre-2000
Mosaic Madness Glimmers 2012
Mrs. Claus Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Mummy May I? Awakening 2010 Halloween
Naked none pre-2000
Naughty And Nice Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Nightfall none pre-2000
No Name Yet none pre-2000
No Plain Jane New Bohemian 2012
No Tan Lines Bali Bliss 2002 Spring/Summer
Not In This Galaxy Hologlam 2013
Nova Specialty Colors 2009
Octa Gone Wild Kaleidoscope 2006
Of Coarse! Texture 2013
OMG OMG 2008 Spring
OMG A UFO Hologlam 2013
Ooh La La Pink Pearl French Bliss 2003 Spring
Ooh La La White Pearl French Bliss 2003 Spring
Open Sky none pre-2000
Optical Illusion Prismatic Chroma Glitters 2012
Orange You Hot? Summer Neons 2012
Oxidized Aqua Crackle Glaze Metals 2011
Oxygen Creme Couture ?
Papaya Punch Island Escape 2011 Summer
Party Hearty Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Peace On Earth Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Pelican Gray Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Phat Santa Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Pink Champagne Visions Of Grandeur pre-2007
Pink Plumeria Summer Neons 2012
Pizzazz Holiday Joy 2012
Platinum Pieces Crackle Glaze Metals 2011
Poinsettia [unnamed christmas collection]

Polarized Prismatic Chroma Glitters 2012
Pom Pom Specialty Colors 2009
Positively In Love Magnetix II 2012
Prey Tell On Safari 2012
Princess Grace Monte Carlo 2004 Spring/Summer
Prism Prismatic Chroma Glitters 2012
Pull Me Close Magnetix 2012
Pure Joy Holiday Joy 2012
Purple Passion none pre-2000
Put A Bow On It Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Rare & Radiant New Bohemian 2012
Rated Holographic Kaleidoscope 2006
Ravishing, Dahling Visions Of Grandeur pre-2007
Ray-diant Prismatic Chroma Glitters 2012
Razzle Me, Dazzle Me Glimmers 2012
Red Satin Holiday Joy 2012
Ride The Waves Summer Neons 2012
Ring In The Red Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Riveter Rouge Vintage Vixen 2010 Fall
Riveting Colours from the Capital 2012
Roguish Red Wicked 2012
Rose Among Thorns Ink 2008 Summer
Ruby Deer Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Ruby Pumps

Ruby Pumps (original) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (original) 2001
Santa Red My List Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Sass In A Glass Martini Pedicure 2005 Summer
Scattered & Tattered Glimmers 2012
Sea Spray Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Secret Peri-Wink-Le Operation Colour 2008 Winter
Senorita Bonita Island Escape 2011 Summer
Sexagon Kaleidoscope 2006
Shaken Not Stirred Martini Pedicure 2005 Summer
Shape Shifter Tranzitions 2012
Shower Together ECollection 2008 Spring
Side-Saddle Rodeo Diva 2008
Silver Bells [unnamed christmas collection]

Silver Lining Specialty Colors 2009
Skyscraper Metro 2011 Fall
Smoke And Ashes Colours from the Capital 2012
Snap My Dragon Avant Garden 2013
Snow Globe Specialty Colors 2009
So Blue Without You Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Solar Power ECollection 2008 Spring
Some Like It Haute Eye Candy 3D Glitters 2011 Winter
Something Sweet Up & Away 2010 Spring
Sparks Will Fly Magnetix II 2012
Splish Splash Summer Neons 2012
Split Perso-nail-ity Tranzitions 2012
Sprinkles China Rain 2001 Spring/Summer
Starboard Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Stella Retro Diva 2009 Fall
Stone Cold Colours from the Capital 2012
Straight Up Martini Pedicure 2005 Summer
Strap On Your Moonboots Hologlam 2013
Strawberry Fields Summer Days 2009 Summer
Street Chic Metro 2011 Fall
Stroll Retro Diva 2009 Fall
Sugar Plums Tis The Season 2010 Christmas
Sun-Kissed Summer Neons 2012
Sunset Glow Tropical Escape 2000
Sunset Sail Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
Sunshine Specialty Colors 2009
Surfin’ For Boys Summer Neons 2012
Swanky Silk New Bohemian 2012
Sweet Hook Electropop 2012
Take A Trek Hologlam 2013
Tarnished & Varnished Martini Pedicure 2005 Summer
Tarnished Gold Crackle Glaze Metals 2011
Techno Teal Tronica 2011
Tempest none pre-2000
The Ten Man (2009) Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (new) 2009 Winter
The Wild One African Safari 2001 Fall/Winter
There’s Snow One Like You Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Tinsel Sleigh Ride 2008 Christmas
Tinsel Town Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Tipsy Toes Babes In Toeland 3 2002 Summer
TMI OMG 2008 Spring
Traffic Jam Metro 2011 Fall
Travel in Colour Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Tree Hugger ECollection 2008 Spring
Trendsetter Metro 2011 Fall
Tropical Ice none pre-2000
TTYL OMG 2008 Spring
Twenty-Four K

Twilight none pre-2000
Ultamate Holiday Ulta Holiday Exclusives 2011 2011
Under The Boardwalk Summer Neons 2012
Unpredictable New Bohemian 2012
Unrefined Texture 2013
Urban-Night Metro 2011 Fall
V X Anniversary 2007 Fall
Vampy Fashion Lounge 2004
Velvet Bow Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Vertical Rush Ski 2007 Winter
VIII X Anniversary 2007 Fall
Virtual Violet Tronica 2011
Want My Bawdy New Bohemian 2012
Watermelon Rind Summer Days 2009 Summer
Westside Warrior Metro 2011 Fall
When Stars Collide Hologlam 2013
Whirled Away Cirque DuSoleil Worlds Away 3D 2012
White Cap Anchor’s Away 2011 Spring
White On White none pre-2000
White-Kwik-Silvr Surf 2007 Summer
Winter Berry Let It Snow 2011 Christmas
Winter Holly Holiday Joy 2012
With Love Holiday Joy 2012
Your Present Required Happy HoliGlaze 2013
Zombie Zest Awakening 2010 Halloween