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August 2020
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Orly – Decades of Dysfunction

This looked so pretty when Jen wore it. On me it looks like I’ve been out digging potatoes all day. 3 coats.


On the meta side of things, I just installed a “similar posts” widget, so if anyone experiences any problems with that, don’t hesitate to let me know! If it’s annoying or screwing up rss feeds I’ll get rid of it.

this has nothing to do with nail polish

…but it’s really cool. I’m obsessed with makeup lately, namely foundation and concealer, and I was trying to figure out what my shade would be in Tarte cosmetics because of the Friends and Family sale they’re doing right now (FFAUG). Anyway, I found through a google search. Not affiliated, just think it’s neat. You put in your foundation brand and shade, and it returns results in other brands that should match you. Seemed pretty accurate (for me), also – I know my shade in only 3 different brands, and when I put in one at a time, it returned the other two in my shades.

I’ve used the Temptalia foundation matrix before, but, um…I can’t figure out how to use it. I’m not even entirely sure that’s what it’s for; it confuses me.

In nail polish news, I’m a big loser. I did a bunch of swatching this weekend and hope to get the energy to post them (and all my backlogged swatches) soon.

OPI – Super Bass Shatter

Well I’ve been seriously slacking on my blog lately, huh? Blah!

So anyway, OPI’s Super Bass Shatter. I am not over crackle yet. At ALL. And I really love the OPI brush for applying crackles, so I kind of buy every new OPI crackle there is. And MAN OH MAN do I want Black Spotted…

Over ChG Riveting. Really not the best combination.

L.A. Girl – Urge and Uninhibited

Urge, 3 coats.

The Color Addict collection is another L.A. Girl collection (along with the Mattes) that I suspect I will eventually end up owning all of. They’re all bright colors with lots of soft golden shimmer. Love!

Uninhibited over Urge

And this is a polish type that I’ve seen done elsewhere, but none are as good as Uninhibited. I love the two different sizes of black glitter!

China Glaze – 108 Degrees

I’ve posted this polish before, but it’s really lovely, and really difficult to capture in pictures. It’s the blue shimmer, I guess. 3 coats.