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August 2020
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A New Haul

OK, new rule. Anything that comes into this house must be swatched immediately. Of course, I made this rule before I remembered that I received these yesterday:

A bunch of old China Glazes from a blogsale.

Emotion Cloudburst Cherry Pie Go Crazy Red Rainy Days

List Mist Rose […]

Butter London on Hautelook!

Butter London’s going to be featured on Hautelook this Monday. I’m pretty new to Hautelook, but I really enjoyed the recent Urban Decay sale. As far as I know there’s no way to know ahead of time what Butter London stuff will be for sale, but I plan on logging in and seeing what […]

New Stuffs!

I’ve picked up a few things in the past few weeks, and I haven’t been doing haul posts lately, so here’s my new stuff! There was some other stuff before this that I never posted about, but whatever. Man, I had gotten SO CLOSE to getting all my untrieds to fit in their place. […]

got some cool stuff at Ross

As always lately, no good nail polish at Ross, but I did get a super cute purse, and a bunch of Borghese stuff:

Rejuvenata Cuticle Oil – I don’t even use cuticle oil, but the quality of all the Borghese polishes I’ve tried has been soooo very high, I figured, eh, for $1.99 I […]

New Stamping Plates!

I saw Suzie mention the stamping plates she got from BF-Beauty, and you all know what a bargain whore I am, so of course I clicked over. I got the 10 piece set and also added a few single plates for $2 each. The quality is about the same as Bundle Monster, and that’s […]