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July 2020
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Zoya is making me buy all of their polishes, a few at a time

They’re all the time doing these awesome sales/promotions/giveaways, and it’s really pretty unusual for a company to do that. So I always place an order at these times, and of course I always have to add additional things to my cart. I think this is my…third Zoya order in the last few months? That’s […]

another haul

OMG, this weekend I had such a good nailpolish shopping day! At Ross, I found this:

It is way too big for my light box, but. Color Club! In a STORE!!!! I’ve never seen that before and I think I did a little happy dance right there in the aisle! I always […]

Off the wagon. :(

I broke my no-buy resolution. And oh…I broke it bad. I had been doing so well! I had been to Sally’s just that day, and I resisted the new China Glaze glitters. !!!!! I had been so proud of myself. But even though I sorta feel like I shouldn’t have done it…it is very […]

this is a sickness - multiple hauls

I seriously cannot stop myself from picking up a few polishes everywhere I go. Now lately, most of them have been drugstore polishes, so at least I’m not spending a zillion bucks on them, but still. This is stuff I’ve gotten in the last two weeks.

First, a trip to Walgreens:

L-R: Mercury […]

yay for free polishes

[first of all, my shift key is broken. sorry, it’s annoying.]

how in the world can zoya give away nail polish? i suppose they make lots of sales from people throwing more polishes in with their free orders to save on shipping, but i still find it odd. three free bottles??? 18 dollars in […]