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May 2020
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A few Nicoles

I picked these up a few weeks ago in two-packs at TJ Maxx.

Shimmy Shimmer, 3 coats.

Eh. Too dark for me. I don’t really enjoy polishes that you can only tell aren’t black when in direct sunlight.

Blues In The Night, 3 coats.

Eh again.

Now, at […]

China Glaze - Fortune Teller

Well, it’s sort of been a week of nail fails for me. I’ve been not feeling very good lately so I haven’t really been posting, but I HAVE been changing my polish, and I just keep applying duds! I hated this polish. I know that everyone else just adored it, but I knew I wouldn’t […]

random swatches

Well, as the post I had planned for today was, I think, eaten by wordpress, here’s a huge random post. I am clearing out my drafts folder all in one go!

Nina Ultra Pro – In A Tiff This has invisible shimmer, and everybody knows it’s awesome and that it should already be in […]

Fancy nails!

I have a ton of pearls and rhinstones so I tried to do a classy look here. The base is OPI Black Onyx, which is kind of an awesome 2-coat creme with a hint of jellyishness.

Unfortunately, there didn’t end up being very much contrast between the pearls and […]

Zoya - Dovima

I don’t really like Dovima all that much, but probably just cause I’m used to my shimmery suede-like mattes being…well, more shimmery. The shimmer in this was VERY subtle, and after applying this one I took it off and applied the much blingier Orly Iron Butterfly instead.

It applied AWESOMELY though. Went on smoothly […]