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June 2020
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some randoms

OPI My Private Jet (brown non-holo version)

This really isn’t such a bad polish, it’s interesting at least. I mean, brown with holo glitter? I can’t really think of another of those.

Funky Fingers Yell-Oh!, 4 coats.

Borghese Poema Orchid, 3 coats.

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a few Borgheses

Good Lord scary cuticles!

Almondine, 3 coats.

This is such a weird polish. It’s a very light nude, almost skin color on me, but it’s also got some pink shimmer running through it. Plus, it’s got what appears to be darker, tiny glitter in it, too. Weird. I can’t decide if I like it […]

Borghese – Stellare Notte

As you may know, I’m not really into either dark polishes or duochromes, so Stellare Notte is kind of a dud for me. It is a really neat effect though, so it deserves more pictures!

…But they’re terrible pictures. Really awful, I’m embarrassed!

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Borghese – Mediterraneo Sea

This was so gorgeous in the bottle, I just couldn’t resist. The others in the collection looked awfully pretty too, BTW. It was very very pretty on the nail, also, but somehow it turned into more of a navy blue base rather than the dusty blue that it looked in the bottle. It is […]

got some cool stuff at Ross

As always lately, no good nail polish at Ross, but I did get a super cute purse, and a bunch of Borghese stuff:

Rejuvenata Cuticle Oil – I don’t even use cuticle oil, but the quality of all the Borghese polishes I’ve tried has been soooo very high, I figured, eh, for $1.99 I […]