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July 2020
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China Glaze – Sunset Sail

Sunset Sail, 4 coats.

OK, there is just something about these orange-y nude polishes that make me want to hurl, they look awful on me. Do they look good on anyone? This looks like I left my nails out in the sun for a month, with cigarettes between each finger. It’s awful.

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China Glaze – Laser Lime and Ultamate Holiday

Laser Lime, 3 coats.

Laser Lime is from the slightly disappointing Tronica collection last year. They’re all quite nice polishes, but you know how nail polish people get – we hear the word holographic and start foaming at the mouth, so when the holo is as faint as in the Tronica polishes, it’s something […]

China Glaze – Harvest Moon and Electrify

Harvest Moon, 2 coats.

Very pretty copper foil. I don’t think I have many like this.

Electrify, 2 coats.

I layered this over Harvest Moon for no real reason, it really doesn’t need a base – it’s very opaque on it’s own. Isn’t it lovely?

**products […]

China Glaze – Something Sweet

I’ve really never been able to like this polish. It’s just so…stark. And it makes my fingers look dirty, too. 3 coats.

And more China Glazes…

Emotion, 2 coats.

Pretty pink, nice foil. A winner! I understand why everyone loves stamping with the polishes from this collection now.

Papaya Punch, 3 coats.

Very bright and squishy, I like this a lot.

Go Crazy Red, unknown coats.

I got this in a big batch of […]