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July 2020
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Moonpool! And a comparison

An ollllld, hard to find polish. Probably because it was like, the only green China Glaze released in like 7 years. This was released sometime between 1997 and 2000…it was actually one of the core line polishes that wasn’t part of a collection.

So Moonpool is a lovely dusty green with gold shimmer, it’s […]

a few from Electropop!

I’m trying out some changes to my lighting setup. Any thoughts? These are FLASHLESS photos for the first time in my swatching history, so I’m excited about that, but I’m still not done tweaking quite yet. Gothic Lolita, 2 coats. This is a WEIRD polish. I mean, it’s very good, but weird. In the […]

China Glaze Let It Snow collection

Well. I’m totally a fail blogger.

And I know your mama calls you good for nothin’ She says her baby is a failer and she don’t want you callin’

I love that song. Anyway, yeah, so I procrastinated  even swatching these for like a month, then finally got them swatched, WEEKS before Christmas, and […]

3 China Glaze Bar Glitters

These were a recent eBay find, and I was SO excited to get them! I’m sitting there at work bidding while on my phone, and I ended up getting them all for a fairly good price. These were from a very, very old collection, by my best guess released sometime pre-1999. I don’t know […]

China Glaze – Knotty

I feel like this photographs better than it looks in real life. I don’t really like it. 3 coats.