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June 2020
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My Christmas manicure

I was totally boring this year with my choice for Christmas. In fact, I did this on Thursday and left it on till like Sunday – I didn’t even change it for Christmas day! Gasp! And I mostly chose it because it was quick and I was still super sick at the time. Anyway, […]

Christmas Day Nails!

Working through my backlog here, so it’s totally too late to post, but damnit, I’m posting it anyway!

This is Sinful Colors San Francisco with Art Deco Red Glitter striper polish. I actually had like 5 people compliment this, though I personally didn’t like it at all. I thought that it looked like my […]

Christmas Manicure 2 - Misc. Designs

Wow, I haven’t done nail art in forever, and I’m rusty. I got some new stuff to work with, though, all of which I LOOOOOVE. First, acrylic paints are soooooo much easier to paint with than random polishes. I got this set at Transdesign a while ago, and it’s pretty awesome. The paint is […]

Blatant Ripoff Santa Nail Art

Occasionally I see fabulous nail art on other blogs. And I either think “DAMN, I was planning mistletoe Christmas nails, now I can’t post them because it’ll look like I ripped off the idea WHY AM I SO LAZY!” OR “OMG that is awesome, I wish I had thought of it first, but of […]

Christmas Manicure 1 - Candy Cane Tips

This is a design that’s so subtly Christmassy that I wouldn’t feel like an idiot walking around with it on my nails, but I would know that it was Christmas-themed, and it would holiday my mood right up!

I used Love My Nails in Glazed Persimmon for the red, it’s got some subtle shimmer […]