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July 2020
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CND – Plum Truffle set

I’m sad to say that this is another of the CND Effects sets that fall a little flat for me. The Effect is nice, but the base is just so…boring. And I really wish the polishes had different names. Plum Truffle and Plum Truffle Sparkle? Lazy!

Plum Truffle, 2 coats.

As always, perfect formula, […]

CND The Look: Fall/Winter 2011

Sooooooo…I love CND. I adore the Effects and I will continue to snap up each and every set they release (and I really hate that I decided against getting last year’s red glitter set), but I don’t really like this one very much. I think that the two base colors are boring […]

CND – Flesh Forward (The Look)

I got this set in a pretty big TD haul I did months and months ago (I was saving all my wants until Silver Shatter was released…so yeah, a loooong time ago), imediately swatched it, and never posted it. And it’s sad, because it’s probably not available anymore – these CND Effects sets tend […]

CND Jason Wu collection

I was so excited to finally get this collection, I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

Miss Wu, 2 coats.

This is a pearly very very very light gray. You can see in the bottle that it has gorgeous veins of silver shimmer running through it, but the polish is […]

Sugar Sparkle!

CND Sweet, 2 coats.

Lovely pink shade, but nothing terribly exciting. Wait, the opacity is maybe a little bit exciting?

Here it is with Sugar Sparkle over it. Fancies it right up! I like Sugar Sparkle just as much as my beloved other CND Effects.