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May 2020
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Color Club – Orna-Minted, Gingerbread Man, and Kiss Me Mistletoe

And so begins the posting of the swatches taken with my new camera setup. Any thoughts? I think these look much more natural (cause I’m not using flash anymore), although they’re still a little darker than I’d like. I also think that the details are popping more, no? They seem much more crisp to […]

the last of my old swatches

Anddddd, I am caught up!

…except for the backlogged “new” swatches I have. Working on those next!

Zoya – Sally, 3 coats.

OK. I really, really hate this polish. It is a TERRIBLE color on me, and it’s so sheer, and it just looks like age-yellowed nails on me. GAG.

random polishes

Spoiled – Toad-ally Amazing, unknown coats.

Very pretty! The brush on mine was enormous and uneven though. This is a lovely color and I love the shimmer.


Cover Girl – Grape Ice, 2 coats.

I had a bunch of these Nail Slicks polishes in high school, I remember thinking it was […]

Color Club – Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery set

I have to say, before I talk about the individual polishes, that I LOVE how this collection looks. Look at the bottles all lined up…they’re so delicate and pretty and I feel like lining them up on a shelf in exactly this order and never touching them again. Unfortunately, after trying […]

some more randoms

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, 3 coats.

I wore this to a Christmas party a few weeks ago and it was perfect, of course!

Essie It’s Genius

Color Club Magic Attraction, 3 coats.

This is such an odd polish! I would […]