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May 2020
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Sinful Colors - Glass Pink

I’m really not into sheers lately, but I quite like Glass Pink a lot. It’s nice and subtle, but it’s also seriously shimmery. No hope of opacity, of course.

I wanted to fancy this up a bit though so I added french tips […]

Sinful Colors - Forever Pink

Pink Forever is your standard Barbie Pink. I have others that I like better.

I added a coat of Amethyst Sparkle too, but it completely wouldn’t show up in any picture I took. It didn’t really show up on my nails either, so then I covered it with a […]

Sinful Colors - I Love You

I Love You is very, very sheer. Lots of fine glitter. I don’t have that much more to say about it really, it’s not a favorite. These pictures show a couple of days of tipwear.

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Cover Girl - Go Go Green

Go Go Green is a Nailslicks polish that I got loooooong ago – look, there’s no writing left on the label! It has separated or somethingĀ  though – it was very difficult to work with. Very verrrry thin. Odd – I can fix thickened old polishes, but what’s up with thinned ones? […]

Two Chartreuses (Chartreusi?)

Here are two very similar polishes that my eye always passes over whenever I’m scanning my collection for a polish I feel like using, because – well, they’re kind of ugly. They’re just so bright and not really me. They’re both very old also – notice the slightly different bottle on the […]