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July 2020
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More China Glazes

China Glaze – Sunset Glow, 2 coats.

This is one weird-ass polish. It went on extremely smoothly, but it also applied like…wax. Strangest texture I’ve ever encountered in a polish. It’s old though, number 122, a white label, and the old-style ridged cap. Anyway, it’s a pale pink with crazy, almost duochrome gold shimmer. […]

Borghese – Stellare Notte

As you may know, I’m not really into either dark polishes or duochromes, so Stellare Notte is kind of a dud for me. It is a really neat effect though, so it deserves more pictures!

…But they’re terrible pictures. Really awful, I’m embarrassed!

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random swatches

Well, as the post I had planned for today was, I think, eaten by wordpress, here’s a huge random post. I am clearing out my drafts folder all in one go!

Nina Ultra Pro – In A Tiff This has invisible shimmer, and everybody knows it’s awesome and that it should already be in […]

Sally Hansen - Amber Ruby

Yuck. This is an ancient Nail Prisms polish. I never have been a fan of duochromes, and this one is kind of an ugly color besides. The effect is cool though, so it does deserve a bunch of pictures.

Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow x2

I would like to introduce you to Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow:

Looks like a pretty, shimmery green, no? Probably a bit sheer, but still an interesting color, and you know how I feel about the Xtreme Wear polishes from Sally Hansen! I’ve had Mellow Yellow for…years, I guess? I don’t remember buying it. […]