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January 2020
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Essie – a few from Art Of Spring

Neo Whimsical, 3 coats.

Yawn. This very light pink polish is pretty enough, but nothing special. I think that such light colors look bad on me because they match my skin too well.

Van D’Go, 3 coats.

This one is much prettier. It’s a very light pinkish/peach color, and I […]

Essie - Catwalk

This is a darker red rather than a bright red. It’s got tons of silver shimmer in the bottle but it’s almost invisible on the nail. This was my other flea market find from a few weeks ago. Bleh.

I’ll be out of town, sort  of, till tomorrow, but […]

Essie - Really Red

Can reds be neon? Cause I thnk this one is. It’s also a jelly, yay! I got it this weekend at a flea market. The two Essies sitting there all lonely and sad on a dirty table were like a beacon for me. ) Now they have lots of friends in my storage drawers!


Essie - Berry Hard

China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling is the yardstick against which I measure every red, vampy, jelly polish. And Ravishing, Dahling is always victorious. It was my first and favorite vampy jelly!

Berry Hard is a close second, though – this is a really nice polish. It’s a lot darker than Ravishing, Dahling, of course, but […]

Essie - Shelter Island

Shelter Island is very bright. A little too bright! Maybe it just didn’t fit my mood for the day I wore it.

Sooo, the comparison. Yummy is a little darker, and Caribbean Blue is a little brighter. And, I hadn’t noticed this before looking at this comparison shot, but click to enlarge […]