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June 2020
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Finger Paints – Icy Iris

I really hate purple. I always have. The color just…does not make me happy. Ever.

But Icy Iris…oh. OH! It is beautiful! Why have I never heard anyone exclaim over this one before? This is going on my (imaginary) list of top polishes.

The base is dark (but NEVER black-looking) purple and the shimmer […]

I have nubbins and the most beautiful polish ever

I filed my nails down severely because I figured I’d start fresh to try to get rid of the peeling I’ve noticed lately, plus I had a tear on my ring finger which I couldn’t seem to successfully patch, so…nubbins! It’s refreshing I suppose, but very very weird.

I broke down and bought Sally […]

Essie - Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor is a dusty, delicate baby blue. There’s obvious shimmer in the bottle, and it was still slightly apparent when I was applying the polish, but it’s invisible on the nail. Just exactly enough of the tiniest shimmer to make the polish non-chalky.

I love this so much!! It is the most perfect, […]

China Glaze - Ravishing, Dahling

Ravishing, Dahling is easily in my top 5 favorite polishes. I love to say the name! AND I LOVE JELLIES! I don’t even know why, maybe just because they’re kind of rare? By the way, why are jellies unusual? Because they take a zillion coats and most people (except bloggers/polish obsessors) don’t like the […]

Barielle - Pin Up

OMG I love this red. I think it’s my favorite of allllll my reds so far. I would call it a deep tomato red. And the best part about it it that it includes lots and lots of very fine shimmer. This is gorgeous! Now, once again I couldn’t seem to […]