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July 2020
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Wet n Wild – Waves of Enchantment

Unbelievably gorgeous. Seriously, I can’t believe it. I wish now that I’d gotten the others in this little collection.It’s a coral-y pink foil/glitter, but the glitter shifts colors, and so you get all this insane gold sparkle. The color shift in this is amazing, really. It does look glittery, but removal isn’t made, which […]

China Glaze – Harvest Moon and Electrify

Harvest Moon, 2 coats.

Very pretty copper foil. I don’t think I have many like this.

Electrify, 2 coats.

I layered this over Harvest Moon for no real reason, it really doesn’t need a base – it’s very opaque on it’s own. Isn’t it lovely?

**products […]

Icing Magnetix – gray

Ughhhhh. OK, first of all, this polish is very pretty. Second of all, I am really, really horrible at making magnetic patterns on my nails. I mean, terrible. They’re always faint or crooked or ripply.

For this one I tried to use the wavy pattern on my ring finger only. 2 coats.

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Color Club – Orna-Minted, Gingerbread Man, and Kiss Me Mistletoe

And so begins the posting of the swatches taken with my new camera setup. Any thoughts? I think these look much more natural (cause I’m not using flash anymore), although they’re still a little darker than I’d like. I also think that the details are popping more, no? They seem much more crisp to […]

And more China Glazes…

Emotion, 2 coats.

Pretty pink, nice foil. A winner! I understand why everyone loves stamping with the polishes from this collection now.

Papaya Punch, 3 coats.

Very bright and squishy, I like this a lot.

Go Crazy Red, unknown coats.

I got this in a big batch of […]