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June 2020
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Absolutely Alice (inspired) franken is having a sale right now, which some craaaaazy good prices on a bunch of British polishes that I’ve never really tried before. I was going to make a mega-order, and oh look, they also have Absolutely Alice for lower-than-eBay prices, so I threw that in too and this is exciting! I had […]

I Went To Ross Again!

And I finally found another Color Club collection, Pardon My French. This collection came out pre-obsession, so I didn’t know anything about it. It’s kinda…boring? I expect that any collection with “French” in the name should be intended for french manicures, right? And I…guess that’s what this is for? There’s one oddball super-light pink, […]

Lemoncakes Franken

This is a franken I did quite a while ago because I was unable to find my perfect yellow polish. I have no idea what I used to make it, I know that Sally Hansen Lightening wis in there somewhere, and also something that has shimmer.

I was going for a creamy pale pale […]

A Blue Franken

I wore a new shirt the other day that’s such a beautiful shade of blue, I was inspired to make a matching franken!

I used Color Club Naughtycal Navy and a bunch of Wet n Wilds – red, white, and black, and a ton of clear, cause I was going for a jelly effect.


my bottle dilemma

i have got to find some smaller bottles for frankens!

i feel so, i dunno, guilty making huge bottles of polish that i’ll never use or might mess up and it seems so wasteful to buy small polishes just to pour out and use the bottles.

i have scoured the interwebs and i just […]