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January 2020
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Finger Paints - Mystery Muse

Mystery Muse is probably my least favorite of the FInger Paints polishes that I’ve tried this week, but it’s not bad at all. Very frosty, but it’s sort of SO frosty that it crosses the line into metallic, so I like it again. 2 coats.


Frosty, but i like it anyway. […]

Ice Coffee - Fancier Now!

Well this is my first foray into nail jewels. I’ve had some sitting around for forever and just never did anything with them before.

So…I stuck them on while my Seche Vite was still tacky, then covered it with another layer of Seche. Which…is that how it should […]

Sally Hansen - Ice Coffee

Ice Coffee is a winner! Stupid name, yes, both for the grammatical…weirdness, and also because coffee should never be red, but I really like the color. How to describe it, though? Dusty reddish mauve? Muted frosty red? Once again, I love these Xtreme Wear polishes!

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Sinful Colors - 293 Gorgeous

Did not like!

That’s me though, not the polish. Dark greeny/teal colors kind of turn my stomach. I’m not sure why. But I put this on and immediately got the urge to take it right back off.

I’m kinda terrible at classifying finishes – I guess this would be a frost? […]

Zoya - Jo

I think the Zoya bottles are just so cute! I really want to love this brand.

Zoya’s site describes this one as:

Shimme[r]ing silver blue metallic.

Tone:Cool Finish:Frost Color Family:Blues Intensity:4(1= Very Shear to 5= Very Opaque)

ooooooooh! (natural light)

“Silver blue metallic” is a perfect description. This is so…ahhhhhhh. That’s how […]