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June 2019
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A few Sally Hansens

Night Lights, 4 coats.

Picked this up at Five Below a few weeks ago, I was mesmerized by the holo. By the way I was back in there today and they had tonnnns of them. I’d never heard of this one before, but I’m thinking it might be older? Because there was no name […]


I have been adding crackle to evvvvvvverything lately! I love it.

This is Sinful Colors – Scandal with Black Shatter. I loooooove how bright it is against the black.

And China Glaze – Starboard with Black Shatter. Pretty bright again!

Dr’s Remedy – Healing with Black Shatter. Now […]

Crackles are FINALLY here!

It’s so ridiculous how excited I’ve been for the China Glaze Crackle Glaze collection. I’ve been waiting for this for MONTHS. I pre-ordered these from TransDesign, and let me just take a second to say that I am pissed about it. I ordered them on Tuesday, and there was a big note on the […]

Dr's Remedy polishes

Man, I’m completely recovered from my illness now, but I’m still playing catch up. I’ve got TONS of swatches banked, and I got a bunch of them cropped and ready to post last night but…then my connection crapped out halfway through this post so I gave up without getting them uploaded.

I recently got […]

some Kleancolors

Of course these STINK. This doesn’t even smell like nailpolish. Do we know what this smell is? I mean, even old ass non-B3F polishes I have from the 90s don’t smell anywhere close to this bad. It kinda scares me – what in the WORLD could be in these polishes?

I feel like I […]