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January 2020
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Diamond Cosmetics – Chainmail Charm

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of this in the sun today, so these photos are kind of useless.

Even so, this polish is SO PRETTY!!

It’s difficult for me to describe the color. In some lights it’s totally a shimmery brown, and in others it’s completely grey with speckles. […]

Diamond Cosmetics Mattes!

Today I will do something that I never really planned on ever doing: swatching a collection just to blog it. But, I happen to have them all, and I haven’t seen anyone else post about them yet, sooooooo…here are the new Diamond Cosmetics mattes!

I also included a picture of each polish with a […]

Sally Hansen - Gunmetal (matte)

I reallllly like Sally Hansen Gunmetal when it’s shiny, but it’s also pretty awesome matte-ified! This might be my favorite polish so far that I’ve tried with my Essie Matte About You topcoat. Metallics are great to matte-ify.

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Sally Hansen - Gunmetal

I love this polish!!! I loved the consistency, the applicaction, everything. There should be more dark gray polishes in the world – or maybe just in my collection! This looks like exactly what I think of when I hear “gunmetal;” it’s the perfect name for this polish. It’s a metallic dark […]

Zoya - Harley


I was so excited about this batch of four Zoya polishes I just got, but they’re just really disappointing me. This one is a really odd color. Even with Seche, it’s dull and flat and just isn’t interesting. It does appear to have darker gray sparkles, but they’re not shimmery. I don’t NEED […]