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July 2020
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a new haul

I’m not entirely sure how one goes out to breakfast and manages to come home with 18 new polishes, but…yeah. It’s TCB’s fault, I think. He always agrees when I suggest we stop at a beauty supply.

From Ross, a set of Loreal polishes. Really, I got these just for that teal one, it’s […]

A New Haul

OK, new rule. Anything that comes into this house must be swatched immediately. Of course, I made this rule before I remembered that I received these yesterday:

A bunch of old China Glazes from a blogsale.

Emotion Cloudburst Cherry Pie Go Crazy Red Rainy Days

List Mist Rose […]

Make Up Store mail!

I ordered the Make Up Store holos a loooooong time ago, they were waiting for a shipment to come in. They finally arrived a few days ago, and I am unbelievably happy with them! The holo in these is insane. I’m waiting for a sunny day to do swatches. But, enjoy bottle pictures!

Man, […]


Well, because of my not posting for forever, I haven’t done a haul post in forever. To be honest, I haven’t been buying as much lately either, but here’s what I’ve acquired over the past few weeks:

OPI Shatters. I am still not over crackle polish, I crackle EVERYTHING still. I got these two […]

more haulage

Well, I sort of took a few months off of buying new nail polish, but I guess I’m back to my old ways now.

I FINALLY found some more of the Maybelline denims! This purchase made me crazily happy.

Blue Riders Jaded Blues Stone Washed

I also picked these up at the Dollar Tree. […]