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November 2019
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A Haul

This is the most exciting haul I’ve had in a long time! That could be because I haven’t really bought any polishes in the past few months, but still, these are so pretty!!!

I’m still very upset, by the way, that like the day after I ordered all of these (I was waiting till […]


Yepppppp, I get rid of a ton of polishes, then I buy 19 more. SIGH.

I went to Ross to look for the new Color Club neons, and only found one of them, but I *did* find one of the the elusive (for me) Alter Ego sets. And I have to say that I […]

some stuff

Well my blogsale did better than I’d have ever thought it would! Thanks to everyone who looked at my stuff. I’ll keep it going for the next couple of days, then I think I’ll bring the rest into work and see if anyone there wants to take anything home. I’ve still got like 100 […]

Haul 2/3-2/17

A backup of Black Shatter, and Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?. I went in for the BS but they were BOGO50%. I really had no choice!!!

Deborah Lippman Across The Universe. I’ve been dying for this for months and months. Here’s a spoiler though…I’ve tried it already and it’s a letdown. […]

Haulage from the last 2 weeks.

In an effort to stop the perpetual flurry of unneeded and unwanted polishes coming into this house, I’ve decided to put myself on a nail polish budget. I’m keeping track of this  per pay period for now – the best way I can think of to ensure I won’t go over by blowing my […]