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July 2020
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L.A. Girl – Urge and Uninhibited

Urge, 3 coats.

The Color Addict collection is another L.A. Girl collection (along with the Mattes) that I suspect I will eventually end up owning all of. They’re all bright colors with lots of soft golden shimmer. Love!

Uninhibited over Urge

And this is a polish type that I’ve seen done […]

(late) Fish Egg Friday

I’ve had this metal-colored set of microbeads that I got from Michael’s for a few months, and it’s take the Ciate crap to make me actually do a manicure. I hate it when companies think they can throw their weight around and threaten bloggers who can’t really defend themselves..

Anyway, […]

L.A. Girl – Matte Orange

Let me just say, I LOVE the matte polishes from this line. Which is strange because I normally don’t enjoy matte polishes ever, But I’ve got like 4 of these and I adore every one of them. They’re all kind of sheer, but buildable, but they end up with a sort of…squishy look because […]

Some randoms

I got new storage for my b-day! 3 brand spankin’ new Melmers, which DOUBLES my storage space! Me and TCB put them together, and I must say, once we realized that we have an electric drill it went soooo fast. I swear, it took me 4 hours to put together my original 3 Melmers. […]

L.A. Girl - Idol

Has anyone else heard of this line of L.A. Girl polishes? They all had gold shimmer, and they were all gorgeous. I assume it’s newish because I found them at a random beauty supply that seemed to have other new stuff. The thing is that they were all awesome looking in the bottles, but […]