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August 2020
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L.A. Girl – Matte Orange

Let me just say, I LOVE the matte polishes from this line. Which is strange because I normally don’t enjoy matte polishes ever, But I’ve got like 4 of these and I adore every one of them. They’re all kind of sheer, but buildable, but they end up with a sort of…squishy look because […]

Some randoms

These have been sitting in my Unposted folder for forever for various reasons. Of course that means that I don’t remember much about them!

Color Club – Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is just sort of blah. Nothing special, really, it’s a darkish mauve-y purple. The Cute Boyfriend’s out-of-the-blue opinion? “I don’t like your nails […]

Orly - Purple Velvet

I so should have learned my lesson with the despised Blue Suede, but I didn’t, I picked this one up on clearance at Sally’s. So I didn’t like this polish at all. Flat gross matteness (I tend to only like shimmery mattes) and a gross color too. This one has tiny silver shimmer in […]

random swatches

Well, as the post I had planned for today was, I think, eaten by wordpress, here’s a huge random post. I am clearing out my drafts folder all in one go!

Nina Ultra Pro – In A Tiff This has invisible shimmer, and everybody knows it’s awesome and that it should already be in […]

Maybelline Mattes

I’m starting Maybelline Week off with a bang by swatching all of my mattes. This took me ALL DAY LONG.

I think I’ve almost completed my Matte collection. As far as I can find, the only one I’m missing is Matte Stone, and it is going to KILL me. If anyone knows of any […]