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May 2020
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China Glaze – Dress Me Up

So I don’t dislike this polish because it’s kind of grandmotherly. I like grandmotherly, usually – I like mauve-y pinks. Nope, I dislike this polish because it’s too brown and too boring and the color is too close to my skintone. 2 coats.

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CND Jason Wu collection

I was so excited to finally get this collection, I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

Miss Wu, 2 coats.

This is a pearly very very very light gray. You can see in the bottle that it has gorgeous veins of silver shimmer running through it, but the polish is […]

Essie – Fondola Gondola

I applied this polish and immediately removed it to apply something else. I kinda hated it, it does nothing for my skin. 3 coats.

some randoms

OPI My Private Jet (brown non-holo version)

This really isn’t such a bad polish, it’s interesting at least. I mean, brown with holo glitter? I can’t really think of another of those.

Funky Fingers Yell-Oh!, 4 coats.

Borghese Poema Orchid, 3 coats.

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Some randoms

These have been sitting in my Unposted folder for forever for various reasons. Of course that means that I don’t remember much about them!

Color Club – Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is just sort of blah. Nothing special, really, it’s a darkish mauve-y purple. The Cute Boyfriend’s out-of-the-blue opinion? “I don’t like your nails […]