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(late) Fish Egg Friday

I’ve had this metal-colored set of microbeads that I got from Michael’s for a few months, and it’s take the Ciate crap to make me actually do a manicure. I hate it when companies think they can throw their weight around and threaten bloggers who can’t really defend themselves..

Anyway, […]

Risk - Some Like It Rich set

OK, round two of the (Tres?) Risk sets I got at Ross. Round one here.

This is an odd set. The polishes look metallic in the bottles but they’re sort of not really, and the colors are bland and boring. OR SO I THOUGHT! Once I applied them, POW! Love! I had a hard […]

Ulta - Alter Ego

Darn, I don’t remember how many coats this was! I think 2? Anyway, it’s gorgeous, I was surprised at how pretty it was cause I’m not usually into this sort of finish. And I’m not entirely sure what the finish is, either…sort of a foil/metallic? Or maybe just a super super super glittery shimmer, […]

China Glaze - Twenty-Four K and Medallion

I wore this the entire time I was sick – for like 6 days! It was a good thing I liked it! This shade of gold was actually good against my skin, most golds aren’t. These two polishes were (literally, I think) made to be layered, they look awesome together.

I’m mad at these […]

Barielle - Out-gray-geous

Out-gray-geous has some crazy shimmer (and superfluous dashes!). Buuuuut, I’m not really into metallics, and this is…almost a metallic. I’m not crazy about this one.

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