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May 2020
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this has nothing to do with nail polish

…but it’s really cool. I’m obsessed with makeup lately, namely foundation and concealer, and I was trying to figure out what my shade would be in Tarte cosmetics because of the Friends and Family sale they’re doing right now (FFAUG). Anyway, I found through a google search. Not affiliated, just think it’s neat. […]

I’ve Been Labelling Anything That Stands Still (tangentially nail-related)

…and some things (people) that don’t. I ordered a laser printer the other day, and it came with a free labelmaker. I was all “pshhhh, I have a labelmaker already, but hey, free!” So, this is the printer I ordered, and this is the labelmaker that came with it. Sadly, the printer’s not on […]

Birchbox, May 2011

I recieved my first Birchbox today! I’m going to go through it all in detail, because when I was considering signing up, I couldn’t find all THAT many reviews. So, perhaps this will help someone who is considering signing up!

So, first thing, the packaging’s kind of adorable. It comes in an outer box […]

some cuteness! (nail related, I promise)

I was at my sister’s house today for a Vantel Pearl Party. It was actually pretty fun, surprisingly, but omigoodness, those ladies get CRAZY over pearls. When my sister let her son open an oyster for her, you should’ve heard the shrieks when they saw that it was “twins” (two tiny pearls, kinda rare, […]


I guess it’s a good thing that this is my least favorite of the China Glaze crackles! Though now my dedicated “crackle army” shelf isn’t perfect anymore since I had to decant this one.

All I was doing was tapping it against my hand to shake it up a bit, and […]