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February 2020
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I have an upper respiratory infection, blah!  It’s crazy how much I’ve been getting sick lately. I can’t do any new swatching  anyway because I am wear-testing Gelish right now. Got lots of other stuff swatched and ready to post too, but…posting it will require energy and being able to stay awake for more […]

here’s a few interesting facts…

Well, we all knew that China Glaze was bought out at some point around 2005, right? It was owned by Worldwide Cosmetics, which owned a bunch of other beauty brands, making false lashes and hair removal waxes and nail files and such. They also seem to have had some kind of distribution rights to […]

Melting Pan Fiasco Update

OK, I just have to rant, cause this makes me so mad.

So you might remember this, which happened on the day before Thanksgiving. Well, yesterday we got a letter in the mail from ConAir (who apparently owns Cuisinart), telling us that we “seriously overheated” the pan. Think about that for a minute. We […]

Pumpkin Carving!

My whole family got together last night and carved pumpkins, it was super fun! Here are the pumpkins we carved, though the pictures are kinda terrible. It is very, very difficult to take pictures of lit pumpkins.

carved by: Mom, me, TCB, A, small nephew, Dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law

carved […]

Rescuing An Ancient Polish

I’ve never really had the opportunity before to save a seriously crusty, goopy polish until now. Years ago I threw out all of my thickened ones (STUPID STUPID STUPID!), so everything I have now is in pretty good shape. I got this polish at a flea market for 75 cents though, and although it’s […]