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July 2020
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Hello Kitty Fauxnad Plate from Born Pretty Store

The next nail art item that I have for review from Born Pretty is the Hello Kitty plate! This is listed on the site as New Nail Art Lovely Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit.

I’ve been wanting a Hello Kitty stamping plate for a really long time. This particular one also happens to […]

Nail Soakers from Born Pretty Store

The next nail art item that I have for review from Born Pretty is these nail soaker…thingies. These are listed on the site as Wearable Nail Soaker Art Acrylic Polish Remover tool.

I actually used these a loooooong time ago, back when I needed to remove gel polish, and they worked well for that application. […]

Fimo Candies from Born Pretty Store

So a LONG time ago, I recieved some nail art supplies from Born Pretty. I’ve personally bought stuff from their eBay store before and it was a good experience, but never from the website yet.

First up, these little fimo candy decorations, listed on the site as 12 Kawaii Nail Art Applique Nail Art […]

Fourth Of July Nails

This is embarrassingly late, as all of my holiday manicures seem to be. I always have tons of ideas in the weeks before the event, and then…I let them laguish on my memory cardfor a week before posting them, it is ridiculous!

The blue is OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, the red is Color […]

Fancy nails!

I have a ton of pearls and rhinstones so I tried to do a classy look here. The base is OPI Black Onyx, which is kind of an awesome 2-coat creme with a hint of jellyishness.

Unfortunately, there didn’t end up being very much contrast between the pearls and […]