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June 2020
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Quirius - Cruiser

Well this is a post full of fail. Feast your eyes upon the way I didn’t clean up my cuticles, and how the bottle I’m holding is NOT the polish I’m wearing on my nails! I wouldn’t even have posted this one, except that I really don’t like this polish much and probably won’t […]

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bikini Bottom

Well, I think…that I like it? I let this one sit around for forever before finally trying it, because of the depressing sheerness.

This is 4 coats. I think I should’ve left it at 3. At 3, it looked like a sheer. TOO sheer, yes, but different than what I normally wear. At 4, […]

China Glaze - Something Sweet

Something Sweet was kind of underwhelming. It’s a verrrry pale shade of pink, but it’s also extremely stark. Application was about what you’d expect from such a creme. I think it would be improved 200% by layering something with it – maybe CND Crimson Sparkle?

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Essie - Shelter Island

Shelter Island is very bright. A little too bright! Maybe it just didn’t fit my mood for the day I wore it.

Sooo, the comparison. Yummy is a little darker, and Caribbean Blue is a little brighter. And, I hadn’t noticed this before looking at this comparison shot, but click to enlarge […]

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Mint Candy Apple is maybe a tad bit too stark for me, but it’s still a very pretty color. How to describe it…moldy White-Out? It’s not going on my top 10 or anything, but it’s a very nice polish and application wasn’t overly streaky or terrible. I wore this for several days, hence the […]