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May 2020
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Finger Paints – Fall Fashionista collection

Well I thought I had this entire collection, but I was wrong. I’m still missing Cord-Orange, To-Teally Chic, and Haute Taupe. Darn! I wish I had them all, because I really, really like Finger Paints, and this was a pretty good collection – really good opacity, original colors, and cute names!

Vintage Velvet, 2 […]

China Glaze – C-c-courage (original comparison)

China Glaze is getting insane with all the new collections they’re putting out. I count 10 2012 collections that we know about so far, for a total of 96 polishes. Good lord.

Anyway, here’s the original C-c-courage!

And here it is compared to the re-release of the polish. This is one […]

a few from Electropop!

I’m trying out some changes to my lighting setup. Any thoughts? These are FLASHLESS photos for the first time in my swatching history, so I’m excited about that, but I’m still not done tweaking quite yet. Gothic Lolita, 2 coats. This is a WEIRD polish. I mean, it’s very good, but weird. In the […]

Some randoms

I got new storage for my b-day! 3 brand spankin’ new Melmers, which DOUBLES my storage space! Me and TCB put them together, and I must say, once we realized that we have an electric drill it went soooo fast. I swear, it took me 4 hours to put together my original 3 Melmers. […]


OK, I just counted my untrieds. 518. Not counting mini sets which I keep separate. Or the 18 polishes  have on the way to me. Or the ones strewn around my room that I can see from where I’m sitting that aren’t where they’re supposed to be. This is insane. I am GOING to […]