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July 2020
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Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bikini Bottom

Well, I think…that I like it? I let this one sit around for forever before finally trying it, because of the depressing sheerness.

This is 4 coats. I think I should’ve left it at 3. At 3, it looked like a sheer. TOO sheer, yes, but different than what I normally wear. At 4, […]

China Glaze - Moonlight

I bought this polish after hearing Brooke rave about it, and I totally agree with her! It gives my nails a smooth milky finish and it’s very, very pretty. Not a polish I would normally ever have even glanced at, but it is pretty awesome, I promise. I suspect I will be using this […]

Zoya - Roxy

Very pretty! Sheer dark pink base with silver glitter. I set out to get opacity (hadn’t realized this was sheer) but realized after the first coat that it wasn’t gonna happen, so I changed my goal to evenness, and that took 3 coats. I wish more jelly glitters like this existed.

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Sinful Colors - Glass Pink

I’m really not into sheers lately, but I quite like Glass Pink a lot. It’s nice and subtle, but it’s also seriously shimmery. No hope of opacity, of course.

I wanted to fancy this up a bit though so I added french tips […]

Sinful Colors - Bali Mist

2 bottle photos this time to try and show the duochrome:

I’m not a fan of Sinful Colors Bali Mist. It’s a bright purply pink with a faint, lame duochrome that mostly only shows up in the bottle. It’s also entirely sheer. 3 coats couldn’t banish visible nail line.