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May 2020
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half of the OMG collection

Again, this is not quite half of them, but it’s the five I have so far! Pictures taken in the sun.

These are incredible. I don’t even know what else to say about them.

2NITE, 3 coats.

TTYL, 3 coats.

L8R G8R, 4 coats […]

China Glaze Tronica

I was all pumped up to swatch all of the Tronica collection today, but there was no sun. I swatched them anyway – a few of the swatch pics were taken toward the end when the sun came out a little, but most/all will need to be redone. I did, however, get some quick […]

some Kleancolors

Of course these STINK. This doesn’t even smell like nailpolish. Do we know what this smell is? I mean, even old ass non-B3F polishes I have from the 90s don’t smell anywhere close to this bad. It kinda scares me – what in the WORLD could be in these polishes?

I feel like I […]

Risk - Glamorous Life set

OK, the last of my Risk sets. And, this is my FAVORITE one! I gushed about the first two sets, I know, but omg, this one is AWESOME. I am really very impressed with everything about these and I’d advise everyone to try to find them. All of these were two perfect coats. (As […]

L.A. Colors - Live

Live is one of the two (I think, but I’m missing a few) foils among the L.A. Colors Color Craze polishes that can be found at the Dollar Tree lately. And it is FABULOUS! I love it! It is sooo sparkly, and makes me feel all futuristic.

I have noticed that these L.A. Colors […]