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August 2020
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Sinful Colors Adventure Island collection (mostly)

OK, if these are actually anything like the OPI Pirates collection, then I might just have to buy them. I LOVE all of these polishes, they’re such pretty colors, and so opaque, ad they apply really nicely. I have the mini pack of the OPI collection, I should compare the pink and purple ones […]

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals!

Before I get to the swatches, I just have to note that in the few weeks since I’ve done any real swatching, I seem to have…forgotten how to swatch. I’m a little ashamed of these pictures. I’m not even sure why my index and pinky fingers look diseased, either – they look fine IRL! […]

Sinful Colors – Happy Ending

OK, the pictures of this polish came out making it look way better than it did in person. I applied this, hated it, took it off immediately and threw it in the swap pile. The gold shimmer that’s so apparent in the picture below doesn’t really show up on the nail. 3 coats.


Sinful Colors for Valentine’s Day

Ohhhhhh yeah, finally getting stuff caught up! Still though, this is super late, I’ve had these polishes for a few weeks and Valentine’s Day is in 2 days! TCB and I are staying at a fancy hotel tomorrow night and then going out for dinner at the restaurant across the street. Fun! I can’t […]

Sinful Colors - Innocent

This is such a bright color. I doubt I’ll ever wear this one. 3 coats, 2 would’ve been enough with more careful application to avoid streaking. I seem to say that a lot – you’d think I’d just apply carefully from the start, huh?