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July 2020
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CND Jason Wu collection

I was so excited to finally get this collection, I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

Miss Wu, 2 coats.

This is a pearly very very very light gray. You can see in the bottle that it has gorgeous veins of silver shimmer running through it, but the polish is […]

Color Club – Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery set

I have to say, before I talk about the individual polishes, that I LOVE how this collection looks. Look at the bottles all lined up…they’re so delicate and pretty and I feel like lining them up on a shelf in exactly this order and never touching them again. Unfortunately, after trying […]

More China Glazes

China Glaze – Sunset Glow, 2 coats.

This is one weird-ass polish. It went on extremely smoothly, but it also applied like…wax. Strangest texture I’ve ever encountered in a polish. It’s old though, number 122, a white label, and the old-style ridged cap. Anyway, it’s a pale pink with crazy, almost duochrome gold shimmer. […]

Risk - Some Like It Rich set

OK, round two of the (Tres?) Risk sets I got at Ross. Round one here.

This is an odd set. The polishes look metallic in the bottles but they’re sort of not really, and the colors are bland and boring. OR SO I THOUGHT! Once I applied them, POW! Love! I had a hard […]

Color Clubs!

These are both from Rebel Debutante, of course. And wow, these swatches are terrible! I can tell from the swatch quality, how excited I was to try a particular polish. I don’t really know why these have been just languishing on my untried shelf for so long, really, they’re perfectly nice. But I guess […]