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January 2020
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got some cool stuff at Ross

As always lately, no good nail polish at Ross, but I did get a super cute purse, and a bunch of Borghese stuff:

Rejuvenata Cuticle Oil – I don’t even use cuticle oil, but the quality of all the Borghese polishes I’ve tried has been soooo very high, I figured, eh, for $1.99 I […]

random musings about treatments, and a plea for help!

My nails are starting to peel again, and it’s driving me crazy. I went for months having to continually file them down because they just got too long for me, and now they’re all peely again. And I’m not doing anything different! I think they need more moisture. That’s the main cause of peeling, […]

Barielle treatments II

Well my Barielle treatment test is OVER.

The cream leaves my fingers greasy as heck.

The cuticle oil is just gross. It may be fine, for a cuticle oil, but I kind of hate them. Again, oily greasy fingers.

My cuticles are in horrible horrible shape. Hard and cracked and dry.

As far as […]

Healthy Nails Pack Review 1

I have such thin, peely, weak, prone-to-breakage nails! I have really been working hard lately to grow them out and I think I’ve just about hit my length limit – I just don’t think I can expect my retardo nails to get any longer than they currently are, so now I’m just working on […]

Review: CND Cuticle Eraser

Product: CND Cuticle Eraser Size: .5 oz Price: $4.95/ Manufacturer Says:

WHAT IT IS: An alpha-hydroxy cuticle treatment.

WHAT IT DOES: Conditioning blend of alpha-hydroxy acids (A.H.A.’s) micro-exfoliates cuticles and moisturizes nail plate and surrounding skin.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Helps prevent cuticle build-up. Conditions skin and prevents hangnails.

Details: The […]