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June 2020
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couple of randoms

Sula Paint & Peel – Crush, 3 coats.

Eh. First of all, this dried a completely different color on the nail than it looked in the bottle. Second of all, of course peel polishes aren’t very durable. And third, I only noticed after I looked at the pictures I took that there are bald […]

Zoya Intimate collection press release

Well, looks like soft colors are the thing for this Spring. Soft colors tend to strike me as boring most of the time, but these seem really pretty. I think I’ll like all but the pink.

Spring 2011 Nail Color (available 01/15/2011) intimate a color romance

Temptations, whispers, dreams, secrets, illusions, liaisons, trysts… […]

Zoya stuff

Well I’ve made my Zoya order! I went all boring this time: Sally, Felicity, and Kelly. A couple of other things:

afaik color spoon codes aren’t stackable, even only with other color spoon codes. this really bugs me. I’ve got several ~3 codes that I won’t ever really use. still, i buy the spoons […]

some Zoyas!

Crystal, 3 coats.

This is absolutely beautiful in closeup swatch pictures, and I know it’s a dupe of that one OPI polish that everyone’s crazy for…but on my hands, I don’t like it. I’m not normally crazy about foils, and that’s what this ends up being, very metallic and foily. Just not really my […]

Some randoms

These have been sitting in my Unposted folder for forever for various reasons. Of course that means that I don’t remember much about them!

Color Club – Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is just sort of blah. Nothing special, really, it’s a darkish mauve-y purple. The Cute Boyfriend’s out-of-the-blue opinion? “I don’t like your nails […]